Month: March 2021

More than just a nice smile.

The specialist dentists Dr. Aladin Sabbagh and Dr. Martin Wirth in conversation. Dr. Aladin Sabbagh and Dr. Martin Wirth have had their orthodontic practice in Erlangen for 25 years, giving them the longest local experience. In this interview, they talk about their vocation as specialist dentists, their multiple FOCUS awards as "Top Doctors" and happy patients. From surgeon to orthodontist [...]

Dear patients,

In the weeks from 02.08.21 to 22.08.21 our practice is closed.

In urgent emergencies, please contact the practice of
Dr. B. Abou Jamra/ Dr. A. Sabbagh,
Forchheimerstr. 6, 90425 Nuremberg/ Thon, Tel. 0911/37779707.

The entire practice team wishes you nice summer holidays!